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The Big Catalog (Full)*******WARNING - Due to the size of this file it will take time to download*******42.69 MB06/23/2014 Download
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Groove Dimensions and TolerancesFor Conventional and Hi-Cap. The Big Catalog, pages D-37 to D-3880.41 KB07/31/2014 Download
Stock Drive SelectionFor V-Belt Drive. The Big Catalog, pages D-39 to D-48433.24 KB07/31/2014 Download
Sprocket Engineering DataFor Roller Chain Dimensions, Sprocket Tooth Dimensions, Maximum Hub Recommendations, Application and Selection, Hardening, Chain Length Calculation, Speed Ratios and Sprocket Diameters. The Big Catalog, pages E-152 to E 183 818.06 KB07/31/2014 Download
Sprocket Engineering Data - Horsepower RatingsThe Big Catalog, E-184 to E-1923.91 MB07/31/2014 Download
Gear Engineering DataFor Spur Gear, Gear Formulas, Drive Selections, Horsepower & Torque and Tables. The Big Catalog, pages G-79 to G-96555.75 KB07/31/2014 Download
General Engineering InformationThe Big Catalog, pages i-1 through i-321.11 MB06/25/2014 Download
Informacion General de Ingenieria (General Engineering Information)Catalogo 4000 de Martin, Seccion I1.58 MB09/30/2013 Download